We are super excited to have a great team in both the United Kingdom and the United States that make Arcanum Press such a creative, innovative and all round awesome place to hang out in and with.  We are also lucky to have several top class Editors, Designers, Ghost-writers and Proof-readers that work alongside us when we need them.  Finally its ultimately about the Writers, Authors and Artists that make it all worthwhile and here are some of these exceptional people that we are proud and privileged are part of #TeamArcanumPress.

With over twenty years law-enforcement, policing and investigative experience.  Jeff W Goodwin is the author of Alexander’s Journey: Dum Spiro Spero and the soon to be released Arcanum: Book One of the Arcanum Chronicles.  Born in Yorkshire, England and having lived in Cumbria and The Midlands, Jeff, his wife and two children now spend time between the United Kingdom and the Mid-West United States.  With a keen interest in history, theology and spirituality as well as being a student of the martial arts since 1993, Jeff is passionate about the European and Japanese Sword and Spear.  He also shares a love for nature and wild places with his son Alexander.

Lee Cosgrove is an exceptional illustrator born in the United Kingdom.  Working mainly in Children’s publishing covering both educational and fictional titles he has also illustrated for mobile apps, billboards and puzzles amongst other things.  He has several published works with accomplished and established company’s including Usborne Publishing.  He is now working on several Arcanum Press projects with the author Chris Coope on the Journey To… books scheduled for release in late 2019.  Lee lives with his wife,  two kids and a rabbit in sunny North West England.

Award winning Horticulturalist and Landscape designer Chris Coope is an Englishman in Missouri.  Passionate about the environment, sustainability, regeneration, conservation and his guilty pleasure sailing. With several national awards and horticultural patents to his credit Chris looks to the future with hope that the younger generation will grab the “torch” of innovation to develop and maintain a more sustainable world for us all.  Married to a wonderful woman called Cindi who nurtures his penchant for writing Children’s fictional books that explore non-fictional themes he is excited about working with us.  A previously published and successful writer and educational innovator & podcaster Chris’s next work has the working title Journey To…. and is scheduled for release at the end of 2019.

In addition to being a successful writer and author of several children’s books starring her constant companion Murray The Owl, Anita Morris is a highly skilled, qualified and experienced psychologist, facilitator and Master Coach with a wealth of experience in behavioural change. Committed to helping others achieve their full potential in life. She is a pioneer in the use of interaction with Birds of Prey / Falconry, combined with solution focussed techniques to impact on mental health and well-being in adults, young people and children. She is a specialist in the use of interaction with Birds of Prey as a developmental tool for autism.  The author of Murray The Smallest Owl (that deals with self-esteem, confidence and anti-bullying) and Murray & Alex’s Little Book of Happiness (mental health and well-being).  She is currently working on a book to help others to deliver animal assisted interventions using her unique approach and further books in the Murray The Owl collection specifically Murray’s New Friend (staying safe on line) and Murray’s Wings (personal safety and appropriate touch).

Brian Woodward is a traditional watercolour painter from Washington, D.C. specialising in surreal, romantic, dark fantasy illustrations and fine art. In addition to illustrating his own compilation of original fairy tales and ghost stories, The Nobility, Brian is currently illustrating the Arcanum Chronicles series for us and is lined up to work on future projects. Brian studied illustration and sequential art at SCAD in Savannah, GA and currently resides in Orlando, FL.

Check out his work: www.brian-woodward.com and on Instagram at brianwoodwardart

Danelle Murray is the author of “My Dark Country – A Culture of Violence” published by Arcanum Press. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Sciences, Social services and Applied Psychology. Danelle enrolled for the degree in 2007 as a method to cope with a personal traumatic experience, when she and her husband were abducted by armed robbers in January of 2007. Founders of a non-profit organisation named “Owl Rescue Centre”, which is concerned with the conservation of all owl species in Southern Africa they are passionate about nature and conservation. Danelle is the Communications Director of the organisation, but also has hands-on involvement in the conservation projects and rehabilitation processes of the owls. Numerous articles of hers, on the topic of owls, have been published in various magazines and newspapers.