Work With Us

We are always looking for talented individuals to work with us to create amazing things!  We are seeking collaboration with Writers, Authors, Illustrators and Artists.

Writers & Authors

If you wish to submit a manuscript for consideration we prefer to receive them by email.  You can contact us on the Contact Us page or just go for it and send us an email to Please give us sometime to respond as we often receive submissions to consider.  We will, however, aim to reply within 5 working days in the first instance.

To give you the best chance we recommend you send a book proposal/submission consisting of:

(i) A cover letter describing the work as a whole.  Include information you think we should have to make a decision about your piece.  Tell us who you think your target audience are and why you came to us.

(ii) An outline of the entire work and an estimate of the length of the manuscript.

(iii) Two or three sample chapters.  it is not necessary to send the entire manuscript, just enough to give us a feel for your style and a sense for the piece as a whole.

(iv) A brief bio of yourself; who you are and why you wrote the book.  Who are your influences too.

(v) Please make sure you include your full name, address and a telephone number on the submission.

Artists & Illustrators

If you wish to submit your portfolio for us to consider engaging you for commission work or as part of our team you can contact us initially on the Contact Us page or if you want to speed things up email us at telling us a little bit about yourself and providing three pieces of art that forms part of your portfolio that you feel reflects your style.