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We are a small but fiercely alternative and independent publishers, distributors and
agents who punch above their weight.

We have Offices in England, U.K. and in Kansas, U.S.A.

Every sale raises revenue for the author, our partner Independent Book Stores and
good causes associated with that particular book or its author.

We believe there is a third way instead of and in-between traditional publishing and
self-publishing. We proudly support and believe in Independent Book Stores and
enjoy mutually advantageous relationships with many independent bookstores in
both the United Kingdom and The United States. We hope to expand into Canada
and Australia very soon.

We also sell our books, E-Books and Audiobooks on other platforms including
Amazon. We also have accounts with Gardner’s Books Ltd, a leading wholesaler in
the book industry who work with book retailers such as Waterstones, Barnes &
Noble, BAM! and WH Smith.

We are always looking for new talent and new partners in writing and art: please
contact us if you think we can work together.

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